If you dislike the idea of ‘cheating’ your way to the top, look away now…persevere and learn the “11 Things That Stop You Being a Top Creative”.

Building a rewarding career from your artistic skill takes a special combination of dedication, experience, hard work and talent. Even more so if you want to be considered among the very best. But as an apprentice gains from the wisdom of her mentor, having access to the right knowledge can help anyone get there more quickly. And why not aim for the very top? To me, there is nothing more motivating than a plan to be the best, no matter how far along you are.

I’ve spent years looking at the characteristics possessed by those who make a big impact. I’ve worked for over a decade as a writer, an illustrator, and as a coach to hundreds of creatives.

These ideas are for anyone who wants to greatly exceed ‘normal’. But not everyone will act on these ideas, nor will they want to. I know that success can be defined in different ways to different people, but if you want to make an impact while making an excellent living from your artistic skills, read on.

1. Trying your best – the big creative achievers understand that to create remarkable products, they need to at some point go beyond trying their best. They commit to taking their craft to another level through deep study and practice.

They work on becoming a master. They constantly push against the boundaries of familiarity through learning and trying new things so that new connections are forged in their brains…read the complete article on Art Plus Art Plus Marketing.

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