Let’s build a virtual community together where content creators can create, develop, inform and entertain. The trajectory of changes in technologies and demographics is making more and more opportunities available for you to leverage your skills and passion – individually and collectively – in the crowd-sourced economy.  Our central focus is entertainment content and its related mediums in digital imaging and storytelling…the new ecosystem paradigm of filmmaking, television, web and mobile worlds.

Big Story Group members, collaborators and industry experts provide idea, brand, business, marketing, concept development and execution to bring your content to market.  Our web properties will enable writers, filmmakers, photographers and other creatives a learning, collaboration, development and networking environment.

Our programs will help fuel the cultivation and development of entertainment content and facilitate broader opportunities for creators.

The low cost of entry to produce quality content and the democratization of funding and distribution make it feasible for more content creators to participate. The tsunami of interest and action by individuals to create and produce content has grown exponentially making it possible to produce and share it with millions using new, accessible digital distribution channels.

Back to you…you are the reason content is created…the audience…consumers of content. In the new paradigms, hundreds of thousands of you are now also shifting into the role of ‘creators’ of content. You may have great ideas and stories and talents that engage others. We’re planning great things to inspire, develop and entertain with creative types looking for opportunities to explore the new world content horizons. Stay tuned by subscribing or following.