Inspiration comes in many forms…try following the daily routines of Nikola Tesla, Mozart, Hemingway, Woody Allen, Maya Angelo, van Gogh, Stephen King, and Nabokov…or maybe you already do.

There is no single path to insane greatness. Picasso and Gogh are both artistic geniuses, but they pursued very different routines to stay prolific. Success is more a deliberate practice of what works than a serendipitous streak of luck or privilege. The path to greatness is paved with tiny consistent rituals.

Here are the self-described daily routines of some of the world’s most prolific minds in history — past and present. These routines and habits might inspire you to create your own. After all, we all aspire to be remarkable at what we do.

This article is by Thomas Oppong, a columnist  at Inc. Magazine and contributor at Entrepreneur, HuffPost and QZ…read the complete article on Medium.

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