Next to the selection tool is the Trim tool. But since that’s going to be our primary focus of the episode, I want to jump to the blade tool instead (B on the keyboard). The blade tool will splice clips up into smaller clips for further adjustment or deletion. What’s nice about the blade tool is that unlike the other tools, a preview appears when we hover above the clip. That way we don’t have to move the playhead to see what we’re splicing…more.


DaVinci Resolve is a Non-linear editing system originally developed by Da Vinci Systems. Although the latest versions are fully featured for video editing it’s still better known by its original capabilities in color correction and grading. Blackmagic distributes both a free and paid version of the software…more.

As one of the earliest pioneers in post production products, da Vinci Systems introduced several innovative products and was considered a significant player in the post production industry during its 25 years of operation. Da Vinci Systems equipment was initially developed by Video Tape Associates (VTA) in 1982 for use by the Hollywood, Florida, USA-based production/post production facility to alter and enhance colors from scanned film and video tape….more.

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