Shooting interviews for your next video project? Follow these seven tips for making your interviewees as  comfortable and natural as possible to get the best results. Jourdan Aldredge walks through key methods for getting great interviews.

Conducting interviews for film, video, or television requires a nuanced skill set. Yes, strong technical knowledge is important so you can set-up, light, and record audio effectively. But the hallmark of a successful interview is the quality of footage and sound bites you get out of your interviewee.

How do you do it? You have to make your interviewee relaxed, comfortable, and confident — which is easier said than done. Here are seven tried-and-true ways to help you get the most out of your next interviewee.

1. Start Recording Audio Before Video

Start recording audio before you get picture lock. There’s no reason to let any potential audio go to waste. If you’re trying to make your interviewee comfortable off-the-bat, it doesn’t hurt to have that off-the-cuff audio available in case you need it in a pinch later.

Pro-tip: Use a wireless lapel mic on all interview shoots (even if you’re recording audio with a boom) to ensure you don’t miss anything. Read the full article on Premium Beat.

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