“Telling Stories — Why They Are Powerful and Necessary Now More Than Ever” from Lyndsay Knowles inspires with her insights and thoughts about writing and storytelling.

“Stories are fascinating and often powerful. I think about this frequently, even more so now that I am writing on Medium and reading the work of other writers. I have seen a version of the question Why are we writing anyway? posed in a few different posts, and I consider that question myself when I sit down to write. It’s more than just getting words on the page — if we just wanted to put words down, we would write in private journals. It’s about getting stories out to readers.

In the end, isn’t it about giving readers a different perspective? About sharing a sliver of your experience that might give your readers insight?

As a kid, I always had a book in hand. I lounged on the wicker love seat on my grandparent’s side porch and breezed through entire book series, hid my novel behind my science book during science class, and read under the covers with a flashlight after bedtime. The places and experiences that stories revealed were fascinating — I got lost in them.”  Read the complete story at Writing Cooperative, a community of people helping each other write better.

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